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A unique opportunity to see the command post, to sit at it and even press the button that could start a nuclear explosion at the Cold War times.

It is the year 1971, cold war; The Soviet Union is building strategic missile bases all over the territory of the republics of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. All bases are equipped with dozens of nuclear warheads. Many of these missile troops are still in operation and you will visit the only one which is now opened to the public.


  • Transfer from BALLET hostel to Missile base.
  • Meeting with the missile base ex-officers – former military men who served at this base.
  • The Museum of Strategic Missile Troops. 
  • Sightseeing of the premises of the base including 150 meters long underground corridor. 
  • Lift 12 floors down to the underground bunker and the bottom of the Control Center.
  • Visiting the area with “THE RED BUTTON”. 
  • Look at the impressive SS-18 “Satan” Intercontinental Ballistic Missile including simulation of launching the missiles from command center
  • Transfer back to Kiev.


Please send us the following information to booking@ballet.ua (mark the subject of the e-mail as “Missile Base tour”):

  • Name as in your passport (for each member of the group)
  • Number of your passport
  • Date of birth (DD.MM.YYYY)
  • Your nationality
  • Date of a tour