2 Hello!
My name is Nata. As the great Chinese sage Confucius advised – choose a job up to your soul, and you do not have to work a single day in your life. And this is one of my life’s credos. So, I work and enjoy.
I try to treat my work responsibly and seriously. Every day absolutely different people stay at our hostel, they have different views on life, mentality, demands and requirements. We try to provide each of our guests with the best service and comfort, to create a home friendly atmosphere. So, our whole team and I, do our best efforts for our guests have an unforgettable stay in Kiev and in our hostel.
I like to learn, to communicate, I can tell lots of interesting things about Kiev, create a good mood for people.
We are looking forward to see you in our hostel! And positive emotions and joy are also waiting for you here!
4Hello everyone and welcome to our hostel “Ballet”!

My name is Yaroslavna. I’m happy to work in a place like a hostel “Ballet”. The most interesting thing in my job is the opportunity to find friends from all over the world and learn new things.
I believe that you need to work, not for the big salary, but where is a friendly team,where is warm and cozy, like home. I can confidently say that I found such place.
All the energy and emotions that I gladly give to our guests, return to me and enrich me. Great atmosphere that prevails in the hostel «Ballet», creates not only the staff but also the guests themselves. In the process of communication I grow and develop, learn more new and useful things. This is a very exciting process!
Come and visit us and you will never regret!

снежанаHello everyone!

My name is Snezhana. As English actor Sean Mark Bean said: “The work becomes a pleasure when you are so given to it that you forget what day is today”.

I work in the best art- hostel «Ballet», which has become my second home. Here I met wonderful people and got a great experience. In our cozy hostel, located in the heart of the old Kiev, every day stop a lot of interesting people. Communicating with them, you can learn a lot of incredible facts about different parts of the world.

We do our best to ensure that our guests have got only the best and the warmest memories about “Ballet”. Come and you will not regret, and our team will do everything for your unforgettable vacation!
We are waiting for you with impatience!

оляHi! My name is Olga. I’m the administrator in the hostel “Ballet”.
By education I am a journalist, and by nature I am creative and active person. Accordingly, I was looking for the job which matches to myself, because I could not sit in the office and perform the tedious paperwork.I found everything I was looking for in the hostel “Ballet”.My work has become for me a place where I feel myself a hospitable hostess with friends, coming from all over the world. So I try my best to make our guests feel themselves cozy and comfortable at our place. A huge role plays our interior which is made with great love and warmth. Every guest becomes a dear friend, whom we are glad to see again and again. And I really love our friendly staff, who has become my second family.
I consider myself very lucky to work in such a beautiful place as our hostel “Ballet”.Come and visit us!
леляHi! My name is Olga, but for friends I’m Lola.

In hostel “Ballet” I came by accident and have not regretted any second.
It is hard to imagine a working place better than this.
I’ve never been abroad, but guests from other countries, like, bring a piece of their home. Here I have the opportunity to learn more about other cities and countries from people who live there, and this is incredibly interesting.
Our hostel has a soul, and I feel a part of it. Everything here shows its individuality: the interior and the people who work here, and leadership. Each of us tries to make the hostel better and more comfortable.

I hope our guests feel it, so come back again and again, marveling at our regular transformation.
I advise everyone to visit this amazing place – our hostel “Ballet”, to plunge into its atmosphere and become a part of our friendly family.


Hello everyone!

My name is Veronica.  I have been working a room maid for 3 years, but I came to the hostel “Ballet” recently. But it was enough time to understand that the hostel is an amazing place where work brings only pleasure. Warmth and comfort – that is what attracts a friendly staff, and visitors not only from all over Ukraine and from all over the world.
Work is enough for everyone in the hostel “Ballet”, but it is a wonderful experience filled with new friends and interesting people.
It is enough to visit only once our beautiful hostel, and you will want to return again and again!