Luxury, beauty and the feast – such associations arise when looking at this amazing building. The building of the National Opera of Ukraine, performed in the style of french neo-renaissance, is considered one of the landmarks of the capital of Ukraine.

Main historical facts

opernyy-teatr_1In the middle of the XIX century the City theatre was built in Kyiv, which was frequently visited by touring Italian Opera company. Soon a permanent staff of the Kiev Opera began to perform on the stage.

The fire that occurred in 1896, destroyed the premises of the Kyiv City theatre. Indifferent to art people appealed to the authorities with the request to build a new building, for people, who managed to get used to cultural events.

The construction of a new theatre started in 1898. And after 3 years a new theater was built on the place of the old one. The appearance and decoration of the building were admired. Chandeliers and armchairs were ordered in Vienna. The facade with numerous sculptures and busts of composers, complemented by a bas-relief image of theatrical masks from the modeling, the materials of velvet, of bronze, crystal, gold create the effect of grandeur and luxury. In those days the theatre was equipped with the most modern technologies, allowing to heat the room with steam, to condense. The latest equipment was equipped with the largest stage in the Russian Empire (width 34.3 meters).

Four tiers, high first floor, the amphitheatre and the orchestra Opera House included 1,600 guests seats. Such famous musical figures like Tchaikovsky, S. Rakhmanov, F. Chaliapin visited the tour. The troupe’s repertoire were “La Traviata”. Puccini, R. Wagner, J. Massenet, N. Lysenko.

During the great Patriotic war the Opera house miraculously survived. At one of the concerts where German soldiers preferred to go, during the occupation of Kiev, there was a curious case. A shell dropped by a Soviet bomber aircraft, broke through the roof of the theatre fell to the ground but did not explode. Visitors, no wonder to frequent strikes, after a pause, continued to enjoy the concert.

In 1983-1988, Kiev Opera house was reconstructed. The results were: increasing the size of the stage, almost twice as many rooms for rehearsals and dressing rooms, orchestra pit capacity increased to 100 musicians from the Czech Republic brought a new body known company as “Rieger-Kloss” (Krnov). Room was equipped with the latest lighting and electronic equipment.

National Opera of Ukraine today

445After the collapse of the Soviet Union, 445 citizens were concerned about the current economic problems. Due to the low attendance of the Opera House in Kiev, is going through difficult times. But now all behind, and opera attracts the attention of not only residents of the capital, but also the guests of Kiev. Today, the National Opera of Ukraine continues to be one of the most famous scenes of the ballet and opera in Europe. Theatre staff consists of 1,500 people. The annual touring enhances credibility Ukrainian ballet and opera art in the world.



Serge Lyphard

im578x383-лифарSergey Lyphard, known to the world as the French choreographer Serge Lyphard, one of the most outstanding dancers of the XX century. He was called “God of dance”, “a good genius of the ballet of the XX century”. Lyphard — a native of Ukraine, he was born and spent his youth in the suburbs of Kiev. Later his family emigrated to Paris, where Lyphard became a star dancer and outstanding choreographer.His merit was that he actually revived the French ballet, his repertoire, the troupe, his school and the glory after the death of former ballet stars. In France, one of motherland of ballet, Lyphard became the founder of a new direction in the art of Neoclassicism. Lyphard remained Ukrainian in the soul: “Even beautiful and brilliant Paris could not make me, the Kiever, to forget my wide, majestic Dnieper”.

Denis Matvienko


The talent of this contemporary dancer is hard to overestimate. Denis Matvienko is the real star in his time and his craft. He is the only holder of four Grand Prix of international contests of ballet artists. In the asset 36-year-old Matvienko is already about ten awards and prizes. A native of Dnepropetrovsk, Denis Matvienko graduated from the Kiev choreographic school, and now he is the Prime Minister of the Mariinsky theatre, Honored artist of Ukraine, Invited soloist of the Bolshoi theatre, the New national theatre (Tokyo, Japan), La Scala (Milan, Italy), Grand Opera (Paris, France) and American ballet theatre (NY, USA). Matvienko lives in St. Petersburg, but considers himself Ukrainian and says he has no plans to change citizenship.

In November 2011, Denis Matvienko became artistic director of the ballet troupe of the National Opera of Ukraine, where started to implement interesting ideas. Then the repertoire was enriched with two one-act ballet “Class concert” and “Radio and Juliet”. For setting Matvienko drew Michael Messer and Edward Klug. The ballet “Radio and Juliet” became the first in the history theatre’s ballet in the contemporary style.


Sergei Polunin


One more talented Ukrainian dancer told abroad about our country through dance. Sergei Polunin is a 25-year-old ballet dancer, a native of Kherson — in the 19 years became the Premier of the British Royal ballet. In addition to this work, which has long been the main for Polunin, the Ukrainian dancer has recently attracted attention by starring in the music video alternative Irish musician Hozier song “Take Me to Church”