14 – beds female dorm

14-beds female dorm

Room type: A truly female dorm, named in honour of the famous ballet. Made in oriental style, with pink canopies, lots of soft cushions and amazing scenes of oriental dancers. A real harem! 14942-чNPVTZW
Number of beds: 14
Room size: 33 sq.m
  • WiFi
  • HDTV
  • Sockets 220 V
  • Linens, blanket, towels
  • Slippers
  • WC and shower room (24 hrs hot water)
  • Orthopedic mattresses
  • Daily cleaning
  • Air conditioning, central heating


It was the night of Ball at the castle of Prince Adam. Maria and Vatslav were in love with each other and they were celebrating the happy prime of their lives. But suddenly, Polish soldiers with a captive Tatar with them entered the Ball Room. No one wanted to stop the fun and took the news of the approaching enemy seriously. Tatars attacked – Maria and Vatslav tried to escape. On the way they came across Giray and he killed Vatslav then took Maria into his harem.

Zarema, beloved wife of Giray, had been waiting for her husband after the battle. But her husband had fallen in love with a beautiful captive, and he was not interested in Zarema anymore. Devoured by jealousy, Zarema entered Maria’s room and killed her, even though Maria had attempted to explain the jealous wife that she still had only Vatslav in her heart.

Giray could not forgive his wife for the murder and ordered for Zarema to be thrown down a cliff. He was in deep sorrow and stood near the fountain of tears thinking of his Maria.

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