4 – beds mixed dorm
4 – beds mixed dorm


Room type: mixed room for company or family of 4 people. It was named after a famous ballet. Made in delicate light green colours, with lots of little things “hand made”. For an extra cost this room can be used with individual toilet and trendy shower cabin with hydromassage and radio! 14942-NPVTZW
Number of beds: 4
Room size: 15 sq.m
  • WiFi
  • HDTV
  • Sockets 220 V
  • Linens, blanket, towels
  • Slippers
  • Orthopedic mattresses
  • Daily cleaning
  • Air conditioning, central heating

Libretto of Forest Song

It was early spring in the forest, and everything in the garden was rosy – mermaids were playing with devils, and not obeying their nix. Lukash and his uncle Lev came to this forest and played a magical song which attracted Mavka. Lukash was bewitched by Mavka. Meanwhile, mermaids tried to wile Lukash into a swamp, but Mavka saved him from death. After Lukash left the forest, Mavka realized that she had fallen in love with him and then she left the forest after him.

Having built a house in a forest glade, they tried to live together but Lukash’s mother didn’t like Mavka and wooed him to Kilina. Lukash was fascinated by that simple rural girl and betrayed Mavka. Mavka went back to her forest. During the wedding of Lukash and Kilina, Mavka’s image appeared. Lukash regret of his betrayal and ran away from the wedding to look for Mavka in the forest.

Forest dwellers did not forgive him for he betrayed their friend and when Lukash got in the forest, they deprived him of his mind. But the power of Mavka’s love again saved her beloved from death. Mavka followed Lukash into the village. Kilina saw that and casted a spell on Mavka and turned her into a willow. Kilina’s son asked Lukash to make a flute from this willow. Lukash did so and started to play the flute. The same melody, which made Lukash and Mavka meet each other, flowed out from the flute. Enraged Kilina had gotten Lukash to cut the willow, but his hands could not do that.

Lukash went back to the forest. And he continued playing a magical melody, for which Mavka gave her body and Lukash gave his soul.

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