15-beds mixed dorm
15-beds mixed dorm

Room type: Common room for companies, named in honour of the famous ballet. Made in the style of the era of NEP: a lot of gold, light and friends.
Number of beds: 15
Room size: 30 sq.m
  • WiFi
  • HDTV
  • Sockets 220 V
  • Linens, blanket, towels
  • Slippers
  • WC and shower room (24 hrs hot water)
  • Orthopedic mattresses
  • Daily cleaning
  • Air conditioning, central heating

Libretto of GOLDEN AGE

It was a seaside town of a young Soviet republic…
Boris, a young actor, met a beautiful girl named Rita during a folk festival. He didn’t get to know the girl so well because Rita left the festival so suddenly. Boris, pursuing the girl, finally arrived in the restaurant “Golden Age”, where there was a musical show on its stage. The main characters of the show were – Mademoiselle Margot and Monsieur Jacques.
At the end of the show Boris realized that Margo was actually Rita. The young ones got very delighted to see each other again, but Monsieur Jacques didn’t really like that. But Monsieur Jacques had to leave with Lyuska to meet his partners in crime, with whom the elegant Monsieur Jacques reverts to Yashka who desires to pillage and kill again.
After completing his crimes Yashka returned to the “Golden Age” and saw Rita and Boris dancing. Getting consumed with jealousy, he picked a fight with Boris.
Soon Yashka confessed his love to Rita, but Rita had lost her heart to Boris, already. Not used to be reversed, raging Yashka left for committing his crimes again. After the perpetration, they accidentally ran into Boris and his friends, and Boris found out who Monsieur Jacques actually was.
Chasing the outlaws, Boris and his friends ended up again at the “Golden Age”, where there was the show with Monsieur Jacques and Madame Margot as if nothing had happened. Lyuska, trying to warn Yashka, witnessed Yashka’s next confession of his love to Rita. Consumed by jealousy, Lyuska tried to kill Rita, but had gotten killed in the hands of Yashka, instead.
The outlaws wanted to take Rita as hostage, but Boris and his friends succored and scattered the gang and rescued the girl.
Boris and Rita loved each other and never be parted.

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