Family room for 3 people
Family room for 3 people

Room type: Family room for 3 people. It was named after a famous ballet. Made in soft blue tones. But you will not freeze on the wide double bed with a comfortable mattress! 14942-NPVTZW
Number of beds: 3
Room size: 13 sq.m
  • WiFi
  • HDTV
  • Sockets 220 V
  • Linens, blanket, towels
  • Slippers
  • Orthopedic mattresses
  • Daily cleaning
  • Air conditioning, central heating

Libretto of SNOW MAIDEN

Snow Maiden (Snegourochka) was the only daughter of Frost and Spring, whose birth had unleashed the fury of Sun. Since then, the people in the world started living in dissension. Her parents decided to send her to the mortal world, somehow to reconcile people with each other. They left the girl in the forest, where she was found by a childless couple. But Frost predicted her death from love.

In the mortal world she met Lel, who helped her to get comfortable on the ground of Berendeys. But then he left Snow Maiden for other girls and chose Kupava. Snow Maiden was upset because of Lel’s leave, she realized that life in the mortal world was not only consisted of celebrations and songs, but also pain.

The groom of Kupava, Mizgir, saw Snow Maiden and betrayed his bride. Even after Snow Maiden did not respond his feelings. That led to the trial of a traitor and a curse for Snow Maiden. At trial Mizgir refused Kupava, but icy heart of Snow Maiden was still not thawed. Mizgir wanted to burn the fire of love in Snow Maiden’s heart.

Snow Maiden went to the enchanted forest to her mother Spring. She asked her for the gift of love, and was willing to pay for it all, even with her life. Spring put on her daughter’s head a wreath, and thereby deprived her of the gift of immortality. Spring warned her daughter of a possible danger of death, but Snow Maiden went off to meet people with joy and love. Snow Maiden in love met Mizgir and told him of her love, and that this love could destroy her. Mizgir did not believe that something might spoil their happiness. But Frost’s prophecy came true – Snow Maiden appeared before the king and all the people to confess her love for Mizgir, but died by melting under the sun. Mizgir was in grief, plunged into the lake and died. The death of Snow Maiden restored the miracle of love and light in the hearts of people.

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