12-beds male dorm
12-beds male dorm

Room type: A truly male dorm, named in honour of the famous ballet. Made in Cossack style, with a mace, a whip, Oh! 14942-NPVTZW
Number of beds: 12
Room size: 27 sq.m
  • WiFi
  • HDTV
  • Sockets 220 V
  • Linens, blanket, towels
  • Slippers
  • WC and shower room (24 hrs hot water)
  • Orthopedic mattresses
  • Daily cleaning
  • Air conditioning, central heating

Libretto of TARAS BOULBA
Ostap and Andrey, beloved sons of Taras Bulba, returned home for one day so that the following day they could push back against the Poles. Both brothers were in love, Ostap with Oksana, a girl from the Cossack camp, Andrey with a Polish girl, a daughter of the enemy. For the sake of his beloved, Andrey betrayed his homeland, his father and brother. He joined the enemy’s camp.

Ostap was killed in the battlefield. Andrey was shot to death by his father, who had never forgiven his son’s betrayal. Taras himself gave his life for the freedom of the Cossacks.

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