In this section you can find useful information about Kiev museums. Kiev is a beautiful city with a rich history; there are more than 60 museums here preserving memorials of ancient culture. One of the most famous Ukrainian museums is the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra – a cradle of orthodoxy and the centre of world pilgrimage. On its territory you can visit caves where monks used to live in ancient times; and now there are the holy relicts there. At Taras Shevchenko National Museum you can get acquainted with the life of the great Ukrainian poet. You can also visit the most ancient street of the city – Andreyevsky Decsent where there are a lot of museums now: Museum of One Street, Mikhail Bulgakov Museum, St. Andrew’s Church, etc. Here you can buy Ukrainian souvenirs to remember Kiev.

Golden Gate

Central House of Artists

Kiev-Pechersk Lavra

National Art Museum of Ukraine

National Museum of Ukrainian Literature

Taras Shevchenko National Museum

National planetarium

National Museum of Chernobyl

Museum of One Street

Pinchuk Art Center

RA Gallery

St. Andrew’s church

Central Park of Culture and Recreation

National Museum of History of Ukraine

The National Museum of Medicine of Ukraine

National Museum of the Great Patriotic War

Museum of Alexander Dovzhenko

Museum of Alexander Pushkin and the Decembrists in Ukraine

Archaeological Museum

Botanical Museum

Gallery of arts and crafts

Kiev memorial house-museum of Maria Zankovetska

Apartment Museum of Ukrainian composer V.S. Kosenko

Kiev memorial house museum of Gregory Svetlitsky

The house-museum of Lesya Ukrainka (Museum of the outstanding figures of Ukrainian culture)

Memorial house-museum of Mikhail Bulgakov (Museum of History of Kyiv branch)

Memorial house-museum of composer M. Lysenko

Memorial house-museum of composer F.S. Krasicky

Museum of Folk Architecture and Life

The National Museum of Medicine of Ukraine

National Science and Natural History Museum of NAS of Ukraine

Sofia Kievskaya National Reserve

National Art Museum of Ukraine

Paleontological Museum

Pedagogical Museum of Ukraine

Museum of Beekeeping

Kiev Museum of Russian Art

Villas on Priorka (part of the Museum of Shevchenko)

Museum of Theatre, Music and Cinema of Ukraine

Heritage Museum (branch of the Museum of History)

National Museum of Ukrainian Decorative Folk Art

Museum of bread

The museum-workshop of Ivan Kavaleridze

Museum of the outstanding figures of Ukrainian culture Lesia Ukrainka, Mikhail Staritsky, Mykola Lysenko, Panas Saksagansky

Children’s Art Gallery

Hetman Museum

Museum of Ancient Kiev

Museum of Western and Eastern Art

Zoo museum

Museum of Ivan Honchar

Museum of Veterinary History

Central Museum of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Historical and Architectural Museum and Monument “Kyiv Fortress”

Museum of Historical Treasures and Treasures of Ukraine

Cyril Church (part of the National Reserve Sophia of Kyiv)

Printing Museum of Ukraine

Space Museum

Museum of art forging and metal work

Literary-Memorial Museum-Apartment of P.G. Tychyna

Kiev literary-memorial museum of M. Rilsky

National Museum of Ukrainian Literature



History of the Kiev theatre is about several centuries. Today there are more than 50 theatres in Kyiv; and on the pages of this section you can find the information about them. The most famous of them are Taras Shevchenko National Opera House of Ukraine, where you can enjoy the music of composers N. Lysenko, S.Gulak-Artemovsky, P.Tchaikovsky, M.Mussorgsky and others; Ivan Franco National Academic Drama Theatre of Ukraine the repertoire of which includes more than 30 staging of national and world classics; Lesia Ukrainka National Academic Theatre of Russian Drama where many famous actors such as Michael Romanov, Kirill Lavrov, Ada Rogovtseva and others have played.

The Taras Shevchenko National Opera House of Ukraine

The I. Franco National Academic Drama Theater

The Lesia Ukrainka National Academic Theater of Russian Drama

The National Philharmonic Society of Ukraine

The National Palace of Arts «Ukraine»

The Kiev State Drama and Comedy Theater

The National House of Organ and Chamber Music of Ukraine

Kiev Municipal Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet for the Youth

Les Kurbas National Theatre Center

Kiev Academic Theatre of Drama on the Podol

Kiev Academic Theatre of Youth

Kiev Academic Puppet Theatre

Kiev Academik Theatre of Operetta

Kiev academic thetre of the young spectator

Kiev Municipal puppet theatre

Kiev Theatre of Drama “Bravo”

Kiev chamber theatre studio “Divny Zamok”

Kiev Puppet theatre (TC Karavan)

Kiev Theatre “Atelye 16″

Kiev Theatre “Vilna Stsena”

Kiev Theatre-Studio “MIST”

Art-Studio of the Theatral Art “Suzirya” (big stage)

New Theatre in Pechersk

Free Theatre

Theatre “Actor”

Theatre Center of Kiev-Mogylyanska Academy

Theatre “Koleso”

Puppet Theatre

Theatre “Teatrion”

Theatre of Plastic Drama

Theatre “Serebryany Ostrov”

Theatre “Chorny Kvadrat”

Ukrainian Theatre of Drama

Center of Modern Art “Dah”

Gipsy Musical Theatre of Drama “Romans”


Observational Points

The hilly land of Kiev is very suitable for the establishment of observation points. In this section you can find information about the points from which you can admire the panorama of the city. The Museum of the Great Patriotic War is one of them; on its territory there is the monument «Motherland». It offers a magnificent view on the left bank of the Dnieper and of The Paton Bridge. One of the most popular sites is the People’s Friendship Arch with the panorama of the Dnieper and Truhanovsky Island. Another observation point of Kiev is The Castle Mountain from which you can admire the view of Podil and St. Andrew’s Church.

Castle hill

Vladimir hill

Arch of Friendship of Peoples

Mountain Schekavitsa

Mountain Uzdyhalnitsa

Pedestrian bridge

Sophia Bell Tower

Michael’s Bell Tower

Mountain Lipinka

Mariinsky park

Park of Glory

Spivoche Field

Museum of the Great Patriotic War

Paton Bridge



Kiev is amazingly beautiful city with a few botanic gardens and numerous amusement parks. In this section you can get some information on the gardens and parks of the city. M.M. Grishko National Botanic Garden on the banks of the Dnieper River for instance is one of the largest gardens in the world; here you can see the flora from all over Ukraine as well as the peculiarities of its relief. At the heart of the city you can visit the Glory Park, established in honour of the victors in the World War II. One of the most famous parks in Kiev is the Mariinsky Park. Here you can find the People’s Friendship Arch as well as the Mariinsky Palace which is the architectural monument of the city.

Mariinsky park

Royal garden

Botanical Garden to them. AV Fomina

Botanical Garden of the National Agrarian University

Merchant’s garden


Central Park of Culture and Recreation

Museum of Pirogovo

Park of Glory




Exhibition centers

Today exhibitions are an important element of marketing communications. It is always interesting and large-scale event, due to which you can get acquainted with new products and services of many companies. In this section you will find the information on the largest exhibition centres in Kiev. The International Exhibition Centre is one of them; here the exhibitions, conferences and assemblies are held. You can also visit the National Complex «Expocentre of Ukraine»; it is one of the leading exhibition centres in Kiev. The exhibitions, presentations, corporate events are held here; designing and advertising services are also provided.

Showroom of Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine

Showroom of UkrINTEI


International Exhibition Center

Ukrainian House

Expocenter of Ukraine, National Complex

Exhibition Complex “Chubinskoe”